Ricercar Consort - An Englishman's Ballad

An Englishman’s Ballad

Ricercar Consort - An Englishman's Ballad

An Englishman's Ballad

Jeffrey Thompson, Tenor
Daniel Zapico. Theorbo & guitar
Philippe Pierlot, Bass viol

Jeffrey Thompson’s first CD for Flora is all about a life’s journey through time, emotions, and memories.

The tenor gives us a fantastic spectrum of his vocal and dramatic capacities, painting with extreme variety the depths of human feelings or on the contrary lightness of pure joy and folly… as we can find only in English baroque poetry, on music by John Blow, Jeremiah Clarke, Nicholas Lanier and Henry Purcell (such as the famous “Here, let my Life”).

Accompanied by his beloved continuo players Daniel Zapico on the baroque guitar and theorbo, and Philippe Pierlot on the viola da gamba, a must have for your dark winter eve’s.